I went for a bike ride and saw this golden sunset on the river. Days are ending noticeably sooner and the nights are cooler. And so goes the natural rhythm of things.

I am trying to get my voice back. I am singing and playing guitar everyday. I feel my throat and heart chakras opening. It got me to thinking-why do we need a voice? Besides self expression, it is a way to raise consciousness, and to not only empower ourselves but all of humanity. Whenever new ideas are presented it takes a while to take hold and we can is do our part. Maybe this is why so many artists are considered to be before their time.

"Arts task is to save the soul of mankind. And that anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because if the artist, who are self selected for being able to journey into the other–if the artist cannot find the way than the way cannot be found." ~ Terence McKenna

Last night I had an unsuccessful attempt to save neighbour's cat who had been hit by a car. The driver fled. I sustained a puncture wound on my thumb which required a stitch and of course antibiotics. It is going to be a while before I can do much finger picking. It will have to be strumming for now because I do not want to skip a beat.


Lots of dragonflies around-a symbol of transformation. Here, I continue to peel layers and layers. Who knew there would be so much to clear? I am trying to envision my endgame.

Where do I really want to be? So much is done out of a sense of obligation. What happened that I became hesitant to live my dream?

In fact the dream itself became obscured behind a smoke-screen and I continue to blast through. The homeopathic treatments are finally taking effect. People are starting to notice. Evident in my body-I have now lost 29 pounds.

So transformation is occurring! At first it bubbles under the surface for ever so long before emerging. As soon as I am ready for the unveiling you will be the first to know. This promises to be one of the biggest comebacks in history, about to occur! Happy full moon.